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Gym Equipments


Welcome to CrossFit CXX's flexible drop-in options! Whether you're visiting for a single session or looking for a short-term commitment, we've got you covered with convenient choices tailored to your needs.

CrossFit athlete explosively executing a box jump, demonstrating power and agility in their workout routine



Experience CrossFit CXX with our Drop-In option for just $20.00 per session. Join us for a single class and discover the intensity and camaraderie of our community.


Week Pass

Get the most out of your week with our Week Pass, offering 5 CrossFit classes for $60.00. Experience the full spectrum of our classes and facilities in just one week.

CrossFit athlete demonstrating stability and strength while performing an overhead squat, showcasing balance and control in their workout
Barbell resting on the gym floor, symbolizing the core equipment used in CrossFit workouts, ready for athletes to engage in strength training and functional movements


Open Gym

Access our facilities and equipment at your convenience with our Open Gym membership for $50.00 per month. Embrace the freedom to train on your terms with payments due on the 1st of each month.


Punch Card

Not able to commit to a monthly membership but still want a deal on classes? Try our Punch Card. 10 classes to use at your own pace with a 1 year expiration.

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