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A fitness community committed to those willing to put in the effort to live their happiest life pursuing health, happiness and performance!

CrossFit CXX is located in McHenry, IL. We have the certifications and experience to get you to the healthiest version of yourself. Our workouts are programmed for the ‘middle of the bell-curve’ meaning they are written for your average gym goer, not your elite athlete. There are scaling options for every workout, including scaling up and scaling down.

This way, every athlete gets the appropriate challenge based on their personal fitness level. We are committed to helping our members reach their goals, whether that's to live a healthier life, get stronger, or even compete.


Accomplish Your Goals!

If you’re wondering whether CrossFit CXX is right for you, just ask yourself whether you want to improve your life. If your answer is yes, then we want you as a member, and we will work hard with you to accomplish your goals. You can also try us out for free!


Memberships & Schedule

We offer both monthly memberships as well as session-based memberships. Ranging from our single-class drop-in to an unlimited membership, we have options. We’re set for the early morning grinders, the morning folk that prefer to sleep in, as well as those needing a workout after work.

What Our Clients Say

CrossFit is more than a fitness regimen; it’s a passion that intertwines with an amazing community. The collective energy and encouragement within the gym creates a unique accountability dynamic. Being part of this community motivates me to consistently challenge myself and pursue fitness goals with determination. It’s not just a workout routine; it’s a shared journey of growth, support and pushing boundaries that keeps me hooked and motivated.



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